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We are pleased to hereby introduce Pioneer Energy Engineering & Equipment Supply Co. and its fields of activity, and asking you to register us in your files to prove our competitiveness.

Our team, backed with nearly two decades experience in equipment supply & engineering activities has the capability to supply your requirements in the relevant categories:


   SIAD M.I.:

Italian manufacturer of oil free air & gas reciprocating compressors (vertical & horizontal type) complying with API-618 standard, refrigeration compressor / package.


   SIAD M.I.:

Italian manufacturer of Air Separation Plants & gas generation plants such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, Hydrogen and carbon dioxide.



      French manufacturer of twin screw extruders for plastic, food and pulp & paper industries, from extruder to complete production line.



Japanese manufacturer of different types of steam traps such as mechanical (float dynamic, free float), thermostatic (temperature control, balanced pressure) & thermodynamic steam traps, air & gas traps, power traps, cyclone separator traps, air vents, pressure & temperature control valves, reducing valves, digital controllers & computerized steam trap management system device (Trap Man). 



A German leading global manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps with more than 30 years experience particularly suited for conveying abrasive & aggressive fluids in all range of viscosity.

      All Seepex pumps are self priming, capable of suction lifts with liquid/gas mixture of up to 9 m of water. 



German manufacturer of solid bowl centrifuge for sludge dewatering system for municipal water / waste water treatment projects, liquids/ solids separation units for oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food & chemical industries, also belt filter presses for fruit. 



Spanish manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, vacuum groups, vacuum pumps, ejectors, desuper heaters, aerators, steam jet compressors, educators & siphons, exhausters, ventilators, steam heaters, surface & spray mixing condensers, ejector-condenser,  venture tubes, static mixers and silencers and etc. 



Italian manufacturer of burners & industrial combustion systems for metallurgic, ceramic, food, textile, glass and chemical industries.


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